About Us


NW Elixirs is owned and operated by 16-year veteran chef Andrew Garrett. Lead by a passion to create something unique in the world of hot sauces, chef Garrett blended a line to inspire chefs and home cooks everywhere to create meaningful and exciting meals. 

The roots of Andrew's passion for great food began growing up on a small farm in the heart of wine country California, harvesting fresh produce and cooking with his dad. After high school, a three year military career based in Europe allowed him the opportunity to further explore different pallets and unique flavors - from Germany to the south of France - culminating in a life long passion for cooking! 

Beginning his culinary career back in Northern California, Andrew began to see peppers and spicy foods being used in versatile and exciting ways. After moving to the fast paced culinary world of Portland, Oregon he saw a need for a high quality hot sauce that could be used as more than just a table side condiment. It would be an ingredient, a marinade, a hot sauce for everything - and NW Elixirs was born.