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Meet the Lineup of NW Elixirs Sauces


Chef Andrew talks about his spicy cooking sauces and the company's philosophy and purpose that drives us!


NW Elixirs makes spicy cooking sauces that will make you think you have a chef in your kitchen! Our award-winning all-natural sauces will turn any meal into a culinary experience that bursts with flavor. The sauces are perfect complements whether cooking, grilling, baking, marinating or using as a finishing sauce. Meats, vegetables, soups, salads, even beverages and desserts! They are an ingredient you’ll use for every meal. Strictly all-natural, we don’t use refined sugars, gums, gluten, or any preservatives. This is unique because it allows our sauce’s robust spices to develop while cooking without affecting the flavor. Try them and see how our "Hott" cooking sauces have earned their additional "t".

Founder and Executive Chef Andrew Garrett



Find out more about our amazing sauces!

  • Hott Sauce

  • Verde Hott

  • Hott Smoke

  • Bangkok Hott

  • Hott Jolokia

  • Rojo Hott

  • Custom 4-pack

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